Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pictures of the first session of the Photo Forum Beirut

About 100 curious have attended our first session on Tuesday 19th January!

We have been victim of our own success and were not prepared to welcome such a crowd.
Thanks so much for coming and for your contributions to the discussion!

Apologies to attendees who were on the back of the room, and people who turned up and could not find any room...
We are indeed looking forward to welcoming you again to the next session on 16th February.

Herewith some pictures of the first session of Photo Forum Beirut at Zico House:

Many thanks to our brave selected photographers Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Christina Rahme, Federico De Nardo, Lara Zankoul and Nadim Bou Habib, who brilliantly opened this first session and generously donate a photograph for our raffle.

Special thanks to Cia de Foto for sharing with us their very inspiring artwork 'Caixa de Sapato' and to Yasmina Reggad for leading this session.

By the way, we have announced next international external selector for the next session of Photo Forum Beirut. Cia de Foto will select photographers who will be showing and discussing their work on Tuesday 16th February.
Ibrahim Sleiman from Paladium will be our guest-speaker of the month with an introduction on his work as a printer.

More to come on our second session very soon.
Meanwhile, save the date and we hope to welcome you on the 16th February!

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